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Treasure of the Sea

Treasure of the Sea


Original, acrylics on canvas, finished with high gloss varnish.


'Treasure of the Sea'  was painted entirely intuitively, using a colour palette that had been selected for another commissioned painting and resonated with the artist at the time. The painting depicts Sea Kelp and the beauty that is often kept secret from us in the depths of the ocean. The artwork is vibrant and unique.


This spectacular artwork was created by layering different fluid paints of varying orange hues with accents of cantrasting purple. A 'cell activator' was swiped over the surface of these paints creating  beautiful lacing effects. Subtle shading has been added with brushes after the initial pour was dry and the edges of the kelp has been gilded with metal leaf. High gloss varnish finishes the artwork, enhancing the 'pop' of the colours and the metal leaf. 

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