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Enquiry Form

Would you like me to create something specific? Please get in touch by filling out the enquiry form below.

If you're unsure or have any questions, have a read through the frequently asked questions and answers below the form. Scroll down to read the testimonials of some of my customers. If you're still uncertain, please contact me using the form below and I will do my best to answer any questions you have. Filling out the form does not commit you to ordering a commission, it just opens the way to conversation.

Thanks for submitting!

Customer reviews


What is a commission?

A commission is when someone asks an artist to create something specific for them. 


What commissions can the artist make?

I can do commissions of (not an exclusive list); paintings; mixed media art; resin art; functional art including coasters, serving platters, trivets, bookmarks; jewellery; decorated wine glasses.


  • If you have a vague idea in mind and you need help firming up your idea, I would be happy to discuss it and guide you if you would like. 


  • If there is something from my website that you have seen that you would like in a different colour scheme or in a slightly different design, it should be possible.*


  • If you have seen something another artist has done and wish me to create something similar, this is often possible but I would have to see the picture first and then discuss it with you.*


*Please bear in mind, that due to the fluid nature of the paint and resin I use, even if I use exactly the same materials, colour palette and technique, each piece will be slightly different, but that makes each piece bespoke and even more special. 

What will the artist need from me?

If it is a painting or resin art that you would like, I will need your initial ideas regarding the style of painting or artwork, and the colour palette you would like me to work with. If you're not sure about this don't worry, I can help guide you through this.

If you have seen something you would like me to recreate I will need a picture of what you have seen to determine whether it might be possible and to use as a reference during the creation process. 

It is sometimes helpful to see where the piece will be placed to help decide on size, colour palettes and design. A photograph should suffice. If this is not possible don't worry, we can work together to come up with something you are happy with.

How does it work? 

First you will need to contact me with your initial ideas.


I will work with you to make sure we are both happy with the colour palette, design, and size of your piece. This may involve exchange of emails, phone messages or calls, or meetings in person to finalise your requirements.

I will provide you with a quote and an estimate of when I will create your piece. I will require a 25% non-refundable deposit to secure your commission.

I will alert you when I start to create your piece and will keep you updated as to progress.

When complete and you have confirmed you are happy with it, you then complete the rest of you payment.

Once payment is received I will post your item to you or we can arrange for you to collect in person. 

Will it be cheaper if it is smaller?

Not necessarily.

Smaller items generally use less materials which can make it cheaper. However, it depends on the technique used, as some techniques are more technically difficult than others, are more time consuming, and/or require more preparation than others. It also depends on how many steps are involved, for example, whether a painting is embellished after the initial paint pour has dried, or in resin art whether multiple layers are required.


Brushwork on small items can be time consuming, as it is harder to see and can be more difficult to position the brush to get the right marks. 

What if it is more than my budget?

It is helpful to be upfront and let me know what your budget is, so I can work within your price range to create something you love. Otherwise ask for prices and different sizes (if size applies). Things that might be included in the price are:

  • Price of materials

  • Time spent creating your final piece

  • Time and materials spent on preparatory sketches, colour swatches, and preparation of canvas or moulds etc.

  • Time spent researching if reference photos aren't enough 

Remember that artists take a long time to become good at what they do. You are not just paying for the hours someone spends on your piece and the material cost, but also their knowledge and skill.

How long will it take?

This depends on the type of art you have commissioned. Once we have discussed your piece I will be able to give an estimate of the time involved. If it is needed urgently please let me know, as I may be able to complete it alongside other projects, however normally if I have other commissions booked, I will have to complete these before yours.


For a rough idea:

A fluid paint pour takes up to 1 week to dry, and a further 3-5 weeks to fully cure, depending on the size. If brushwork is needed  the time taken is variable and depends on the size and complexity of the piece. Brushwork will take place after the first drying phase.


Varnishing takes another 24 hours or a resin top coat takes up to 4 weeks to fully cure before it is safe to post.

Resin art, for example, ocean pours, require 24 hours between each layer of resin. Then a further 3-4 weeks will be need for the piece to be fully cured before it can be posted.

Moulded resin items take 24 hours to cure enough to be removed from the mould and a further 3-4 weeks before they are cured enough to post.

Jewellery items are generally moulded resin and time taken to complete the piece depends on the complexity of wire wrapping (if it is to be wire wrapped), and whether gem stones are being embedded into the resin.

Paint skin jewellery takes 24 hours to make and can be posted immediately. Contact me to find out when it can be started, as this will depend on the current waiting list.


Don't just take my word for it. Here's what other people have to say.

"Not a regular purchaser of art of any description, met Alison at a craft fair in Worcester and fell in love with and bought red dragon. Was talking to Alison about my room colour schemes and decided to commission a green version but on a tile. Alison took my ideas, kept me updated throughout the process and now I have the stunning "Tranquility" green dragon. Thank you Alison absolutely delighted with both."


Jo coaster in use 2_edited.jpg
Jo coaster in use_edited.jpg
Jo coaster 6_edited.jpg

"I've had these coasters for about 3 months now and during that time they've been used almost everyday with no signs of heat damage or wear. I've even used a couple to rest candles on and they are still just as beautiful as the day I received them. I can't recommend Ali's coasters highly enough!"


"I could not be happier with this piece. It perfectly captures the flow theme of my therapy centre and is going to look amazing in my treatment space. I love it so much that I even purchased the three test sized pieces for one of the other treatment rooms. Worth every penny!"


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