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About Me, Alison Simons

Whilst working for many years as a neurophysiologist in the NHS, I always needed a separate outlet for my creativity and now also work as a fluid acrylic artist. When I found fluid art it felt like coming home. I am self-taught, learning my practice through online tutorials and courses, and self-experimentation and learning. 

My scientific background supports the technical nature of fluid art, which requires precise preparation and pouring of paints and other ingredients, creating magical effects.


I often paint intuitively and love embellishing my paintings, combining the liberation of the paint pour with the precision and meticulous details of traditional brushwork. I love working with metallic and iridescent colours, and use high gloss varnish or resin to enhance their shine and to increase the richness and vibrancy of the colours. 



My paintings usually portray fantasy or nature themes, or explore abstract expression of light and form, frequently combining abstract and realism. I love the freedom of expression and imagination fantasy offers, and nature is a source of solace for me, so it is only natural to manifest my place of peace onto canvas. 

I have learned to appreciate art as a powerful tool for mindfulness and mental wellbeing. I aim to share the escapism my art offers, to stimulate imagination and stir emotion in others, and to draw my audience into a world of colour and vibrancy. 


I am currently working on four collections; Dragons, Fairies and other Mythical BeastsInspired by Nature, and New Beginnings. You can see samples from each collection below.


Ignis Draconum
Silva Draconum

My love for fantasy started at a young age. My Dad used to read aloud to us (my Mum, my elder sister and I) in the evenings when I was a child, and The Narnia Chronicles, The Little White Horse, and later The Lord of the Rings were firm favourites. When I started reading longer novels for myself, I soon discovered that fantasy drew me in like nothing else. It was a source of escapism that I craved. I never lost the inspiration gained from fantasy novels and my imagination is still fired by fantasy in a big way. This manifests in my art in my dragon paintings. 


Why dragons in particular? If I had a superpower, I imagine it to be flight. Being able to soar above the clouds must be a magical feeling, the embodiment of escapism and complete freedom. Added to that, I envision dragons to be powerful and majestic; beings to be feared and in awe of. Now imagine what it would be like to be that dragon, to feel the air buffeting the wings, gliding on the thermals with no worries, or cares. Just being one with wind. It's that escapism that I endeavor to portray in my paintings.

Tranquility Full Picture.jpg
Sunset Dragon_edited.jpg
Guardian of the Deep
Sunset Dragon

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Fairies and Other Mythical Beasts

Selene's Dance on easel_edited.jpg
Selene's Dance

My love of fantasy continues with this collection. Flight and the associated freedom and whimsical way of being is a strong inspiration. 

The elements also feature greatly in this collection, mainly, fire, air and water. I often use fluid acrylics to create abstract representations of these elements and then embellish using brushwork and resin to create a scene or add purpose.

Phoenix Rising

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Inspired by Nature

Dandelion Wishes without light_edited.jpg
Dandelion Wishes
Poppies Blue with Flash_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Himalayan Blue Poppies
Flight of the Hummingbird_edited.jpg
Flight of the Hummingbird

Nature is my place of peace. I grew up in a small market town in Gloucestershire and now live in the gorgeous Malvern Hills, which is an area of outstanding beauty. I have treasured the countryside throughout my life, enjoying the sense of peace that it brings me. It's where I feel closest to God and to understanding myself. I love to convey the vibrant colours and miracles of nature onto canvas using the fluid acrylics to express the fluidity of life and the energy within it.  

Winter Solitude

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New Beginnings

Diamond dutch pour outside_edited.jpg
New Beginnings

'New Beginnings' is a collection that celebrates light and form. We are surrounded by a constant flow of energy that can be altered but never extinguished. I enjoy exploring the nature of this energy through my paintings, often painting intuitively. This means some paintings exude a wild, untamed flow of energy, whilst others express a sense of calmness and serenity. The Aurora Borealis often features within this collection, as I love its untamed, constantly shifting beauty. 

Aurora in situ with light and arch_edited_edited.jpg
Sapphie serenity whole pic_edited.jpg
Sapphire Serenity
Northern Lights

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Fairies and Other Mythical Beasts
Inspired by Nature
New Beginnings
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