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'Silva Draconum' Limited Edition Giclée Print

'Silva Draconum' Limited Edition Giclée Print


'Silva Draconum' or 'Forest Dragon'.


This piece was inspired by my earlier dragon painting 'Ignis Draconum'. I had been challenged to create a second dragon by someone close to me, who was in awe of Ignis Draconum and, due to the unpredictability of fluid art, they were doubtful that I could do it again. Well I did do it again! 


Through experience, I have gained precision in my control of the fluid paints, using appropriate recipes for the technique, exact paint consistencies, and skilled use of my tools. There are some unpredictable elements, such as the exact pattern and blending of the colours once they have been blown out and, to a degree, the shape of the edges. This is what makes fluid art so exciting and guarantees that every piece is completely unique. It is also what lends itself to the different personalities of each dragon.


When I first took on this challenge I wanted to incoporate the escapism, mystery, freedom and power of the dragon with the calming green tones of hills, woodland and forests, in which I take personal solace.  I invite my audience to enjoy the contrast, allowing deeper emotions to surface.


These limited edition Giclée prints are printed on a choice of either high quality 315gsm paper, or on 4cm deep, varnished, box canvas. They are available in a number of sizes, and the paper prints come with an additional 2.5cm white border for framing purposes. Other sizes are available on request, please contact us for more information. All prints are signed, numbered and titled by the artist.


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