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Pheonix Rising

Pheonix Rising


This original mixed media painting expresses the grace and beauty of the pheonix with all the unrestrained energy of the fire.


I love the metallics in this piece, which seem to colour shift in the light. Note the there are no filters on the pictures, they are just taken in different lighting, some in the sun, some in artificial light. I have tried to capture the colour shift in the photos using different light sources to best show the colours, which are deep and rich.


The fire part of the painting was created using the fluid art 'swipe' technique, using silicone oil to create the beutiful cells in the flames. The painting has a top-coat of clear resin to give a glass-like finish, allowing the metallics to shine and the colours to pop. The pheonix itself was created by 'painting' a silicone mould with mica pigments before pouring the resin. Once cured, the pheonix was mounted on the resined painting and the heat waves were added free-hand from resin. 


This painting was inspired by my love of fantasy conbined with the concepet of rising up again following a time of hardship to become more beautiful and powerful than ever before. 


55.5x40.5cm (20x16") stretched canvas.

  • Care of your Painting

    For indoor use only. 

    Do not position in direct sunlight as this may cause yellowing of the resin.  

    To clean, use a dry or slightly damp microfibre cloth. Do not use cleaning products on the resin, in case of clouding.  

    Every effort has been made to ensure hanging fixtures are secure, however regular checks are recommended. 

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