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Poppies Blue

Poppies Blue


I love poppies and I wanted to create a painting to celebrate the less conventional blue poppy. Poppies are often portrayed in a sombre setting so I wanted to paint them in a more joyful way. 

This is painted on a 20x20.5cm (8x8") wooden, heart shaped plaque.


How did I do it?

I made the background using the 'swipe' technique. I layered fluid paints over the canvas and then swiped a layer of fluid white paint containing a drop of silicone over the top. I then made small puddles of paint for the poppies and gently blew out the petals before adding the stems and flower centres. Once dry I outlined the petals some more with silver paint and brush to make them a little more dynamic.


The painting has 2 coats of clear resin for a glass like finish. There are lots of metallics and iridescent colours in this piece, which colour shift in the light.

  • Care of your Painting

    Care of you Painting 

    For indoor use only. 

    Do not position in direct sunlight as this may cause yellowing of the resin.  

    To clean, use a dry or slightly damp microfibre cloth. Do not use cleaning products on the resin, in case of clouding.  

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