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An exquisite abstract acrylic painting of a poinsettia flower, painted on a ceramic tile. The smooth surface of the tile allows the paint to dry without the texture associated with a traditional canvas, giving the metallics more room to shimmer. Resplendant in red and gold tones, this painting has two coats of resin to give a glass-like finish and is backed in felt and hanging hardware. 


This unique piece was created using the fluid art 'bloom' technique. This technique uses science and art in equal measure, requiring three layers of paint, each layer being of a different consistency to the others and using exactly the right ratio of ingredients. Precise preparation is paramount to create the beautiful lacing and 'cells' that this technique is known for. 


A poinsettia has a number of different meanings. In Christianity the star-shaped leaf pattern is said to symbolise the Star of Bethlehem, and the blood of Christ is represented by the red coloured petals. Ancient Aztecs apparently considered the poinsettia to be a symbol of purity. Today the flower is recognised as the December birth flower, symbolising good cheer and success and may be given to bring wishes of mirth, love, hope, goodwill and celebration. It is often gifted to represent positivity and Christmas joy. 


20x20cm (8x8")



  • Care of your Painting

    For indoor use only.

    Do not position in direct sunlight as this may cause yellowing of the resin. 

    To clean, use a dry or slightly damp microfibre cloth. Do not use cleaning products on the resin, in case of clouding. 

    Every effort has been made to ensure hanging fixtures are secure, however regular checks are recommended.

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