New Beginninngs

New Beginninngs


This beautiful, abstract, acrylic painting was a joy to make. It is an exploration of light, colour and pattern. I love how three dimensional it looks, not only due to the eliptical rhombus, but due to the way the colours have blended. Many of the paints are metallic or irridescent and the pearl black background has a delicate irridescent sparkle, adding interest to the piece. This is enhanced by the resin top coat, giving an overall stunning finish. There are also some gorgeous cells which can be seen in the close up picture.


How was it created?

The paints were mixed with paint conditioner and water for a very fluid consistency. The colours were carefully layered according to contrast and level of opacity or transparency, before being blown out with a hairdryer. This dried over a few days before I drew the rhombus before detailing with imitation gold leaf. The painting was left to cure for a few weeks before applying two coats of art resin.

  • Care of your Painting

    For indoor use only.

    Clean with a dry microfibre cloth. Do not use polish or other cleaning products as it may cause clouding of the resin.